"Are you watching now?"




"What do you see?"


"We will all make our way in a future of ashes, of blood on snow. I see the vagrant soul come down from the trees to be devoured by an abomination. The guiltless outcast dies by the hand of the one that dooms us all- a penalty, for he cannot save the one he loves the most... but not before the happy king of the mosquitoes falls from the sky, his heart pierced and bleeding. His blood devours herself in madness, and the pieces of the machine lie scattered on the frozen ground. The cursed child weeps her love into the arms of a long dead enemy. The oath that burned her blood will be fulfilled, and the circle of time closed. Hell has risen and heaven has fallen, and everything that is to be has been set in motion."


"You see some terrible things sometimes."


"It doesn't matter. I forget them all."