Years in Diasminion are measured as “Year of the Union”, starting with the foundation of Diasminion’s current government in the Year of the Union 1. Years that led up to the Union are referred to as “Pre-Union”, such as the Feudal Era years and the Feast of Cats.


2107- The Champions return to Diasminion.  For more information, see the Epilogue in Encircle the Sun.


2108- Hironah is born. (Backstory: “Once Only”, locked) Kat and Harata are married in Mianuus. Blue and Takae are married in Nira. Chiesara’s campaign is officially registered with the government, allowing her to legally collect funds.


2109- Renata, Harata and Kat’s eldest daughter, is born in Mianuus. Chi and Kieran are married in Mianuus. (Backstory: “The Birthday Party”, locked) Renovation of the temple in Nira is completed.


2110- Yoshiki is born in Rien. Harata is added to the Imperial Family, becoming next in line to ascend the throne. (Backstory: “The Powers that Be”, locked)


2111- Kaiya moves into the temple at Nira. (Backstory: “None of Us by Blood”, locked) Reina, Harata and Kat’s daughter, is born in Mianuus.


2112- Kamitouki opens.


2113- Aya is found dead in northwestern Diasminion. (Backstory: “That Night”, locked)


2114- Yume is born in Rien. Diasminion’s Emperor, Cerran, House of the Crown, dies. Harata ascends the throne. (Backstory: “The Coronation”, locked)


2115- Akos-Hieran, heir to the throne,   is born in Mianuus. Shortly thereafter, he is diagnosed with what is colloquially referred to as “The Bleeding Disease”.


2116- Two years after Harata placed the order requesting the Senate to draft the legislature, the “Workers’ Liberation Act” is passed. The Dauern are now considered a free people, with rights to compensation for their labor and, above all, rights to their lives. For all people living and working in Diasminion, the act also provides a variety of protections, such as fair compensation for labor, work hours restricted to no more than 10 per day, vacation time, mandatory sick leave and two days off regularly per week. The Worker’s Liberation Act was met with much hostility in some factions of the Senate. Later in the year, those same groups drafted a law that abolished what was known as the “Empire’s Responsibility”, a law stating that the government must provide clothing, food and shelter for the Dauern. Though Harata and those loyal to him felt opposed to the abolition, no strong legal argument could be made against it. Shortly after its passage, the “Handover Law” was also drafted and passed, which transferred ownership of   the government tenements to GelbFaust landowners through an auction. (Backstory: “The Good of All”, locked)


2117- “Hironah’s Law” is passed, abolishing the “Clan-line Preservation Act” which made it legal for government agents to euthanize any children born with mixed-Clan lineage.  (Backstory: “Favors”,  locked)


2118- Nothing of note.


2119- Diasminion’s overseas colonies are officially disbanded.


2120- Nothing of note.


2121- Nothing of note.


2122-  Yume falls ill with the Stone Virus and Yoshiki is sent to live temporarily at Kamitouki.  (Backstory:  “The Demon’s Summer”, locked)


2123- The “Mixed-Clan Families and Children Act” is passed, allowing people of different Clans to marry and establish households. (Backstory: “The Day of Names”, locked)


 2124- Nothing of note.


2125- Nothing of note.


2126- A series of laws that abolished the former penal code and established a new one are passed. Citizens are no longer tracked constantly via their ID cards. More prisons are erected as the death penalty is now only applicable in extreme cases.  HeadHunting is made illegal. (Backstory: “Villians”, locked)


2127- Luxury tariffs are applied to certain imported goods.


2128- Nothing of note.


2129- Nothing of note.


2130- This year marks the Imperial Family’s last visit to Kamitouki.


2131- The “Global Protection Initiative” changes the role of Diasminion’s armed forces.  Other countries are now able to petition Diasminion’s government for military assistance.


2132- Nothing of note.


2133- Blue dies in Nira.




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